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The tabs across the top of the page will help you navigate through the various levels. The links to the right will guide you in using the program. The table below explains the various levels equivalent to their U.S. grade levels, U.K. grade years and approximate age ranges..

Mater Amabilis Level Approx. Age Range Corresponding Grade Level
Prep Level 4-6 years old Preschool/Kindergarten (US)
Year 1 (UK)
Level 1B 6-7 years old 1st grade (US)
Year 2 (UK)
Level 1A (Year 1 & 2) 7-9 years old 2nd & 3rd grade (US)
Years 3 & 4 (UK)
Level 2 (Year 1 & 2) 9-11 years old 4th & 5th grade (US)
Years 5 & 6 (UK)
Level 3 (Year 1 &2 ) 11-13 years old 6th & 7th grade (US)
Years 7 & 8 (UK)
Level 4 13-14 years old 8th grade (US)
Year 9 (UK)

Looking for the High School levels? Check out the Mater Amabilis High School forum and be sure to see the high school page for an example of a Charlotte Mason high school curriculum from and actual PNEU syllabus.

For questions and support in implementing the curriculum please join the Mater Amabilis Teacher Training Forum on Facebook or Yahoo Groups where you can find valuable feedback and encouragement from the many families that use the Mater Amabilis curriculum.

Mater Amabilis (MAH-tare Ah-MAH-bee-lease) translated from Latin means Mother Most Lovable and is a title of Our Lady in the Litany of Loreto (Mother Most Amiable). Mary, under the title of Mater Amabilis, is our patron and our model. The inspiration for the name comes from the Catholic parish of the same name in Ambleside, England where Charlotte Mason lived and worked.

The Mater Amabilis curriculum is placed under the patronage of The Blessed Virgin Mary under the title Mater Amabilis and Blessed John Cardinal Newman.

We are 100% faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, the Holy Father Pope Francis and the Bishops in communion with him.


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