British History Lesson Plans

Whether you are studying British history over two or three years, you will need to follow the readings in the same order. This list shows how the two books, Our (An) Island Story and Our Lady’s Dowry fit together.

Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.1 * The Glastonbury Thorn: St Joseph of Arimathea
Island Story Ch.1 to Ch.5 Stories of Albion and Brutus to The Warrior Queen
Island Story Ch.6 Last of the Romans
Island Story Ch.7 St Alban (optional)
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.2 * The First Martyr: St Alban
Island Story Ch.8 to Ch.13 Vortigern to King Arthur
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.3 * From Britain to Ireland: St Patrick
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.4 St Columba
(Saint Columba
from Our Island Saints by Amy Steedman)
Island Story Ch.14 Gregory and the Pretty Children (optional)
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.5 St Augustine
(Saint Augustine
from Our Island Saints by Amy Steedman)
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.6 St Aidan
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.7 * Brother Bishops: St Cedd and St Chad
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.8 * The Abbess and the Cowherd: St Hilda and Caedmon
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.9 Masterpieces of the North: Art, Poetry and Literature
(Saint Cuthbert
from Our Island Saints by Amy Steedman)
Island Story Ch.15 to Ch.17 King Alfred
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.10 *The New Monks: St.Dunstan
Island Story Ch.18 to Ch.21 Aethelred to Edward the Confessor
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.11 St Edward the Confessor
(use Saint Edward the Confessor
from Our Island Saints by Amy Steedman)
Island Story Ch.22 to Ch.28 Harold to Henry I
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.12 * England’s Nazareth: Our Lady of Walsingham
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.13 * Bishops from Bec: The Church and the Norman Kings
Island Story Ch.29 to Ch.31 King Stephen to Thomas Becket
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.14 * Murder at Canterbury: St.Thomas Becket
Island Story Ch.32 to Ch.34 Conquest of Ireland to Richard Coeur de Lion
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.15 * From England to Jerusalem: The Crusades
Island Story Ch.35 to 36 John Lackland
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.16 * The White Monks: St.Gilbert Harding and St.Aelred of Rievaulx
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.17 * Quarrel with the Pope: The Church and King John
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.18 * The Coming of the Friars: Franciscans, Dominicans and St.Simon Stock
Island Story Ch.37 to 39 Henry III
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.19 * Prayers in Stone: Medieval Cathedrals
Island Story Ch.40 to Ch.50 Edward I to Richard II
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.20 * Mystics and Pilgrims: Dame Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe
Island Story Ch.51 to Ch.64 * Henry IV to Henry VIII
Note: You may wish to omit Chapters 63 and 64
which deal with the Reformation
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.21 * England Adrift: Henry VIII and the Break With Rome
Island Story Ch.65 to Ch.68 Edward VI and Mary
Island Story Ch.69 to Ch.71 Elizabeth I
Our Lady’s Dowry Ch.23 * Penal Times Begin: Catholics Under Elizabeth I
Island Story Ch.72 to Ch.73 Elizabeth I
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