Mater Amabilis™ Prep Level

Preparatory Level (ages 4 to 6) ~ Pre-K/Kindergarten in the US. Year 1 in the UK.
In Charlotte Mason's lifetime, and for many years after, a child's formal education in the Parents Union School began at age six. In the early 1950s the PUS added a "Preparatory Class" for five to six year olds, and we have used the programs issued for this age group as a starting point for our "Prep Level".
Today most children in the US start school at age five and in the UK at age four. Many also attend preschools or nursery classes. In view of this we are putting forward suggestions for ages four to six. Some of these ideas are divided into Preschool and Kindergarten. It is not necessary to do the Preschool sections before the Kindergarten ones.
Note for UK Families:
Preschool = Reception (for age 4 to 5)
Kindergarten = Year 1 (for age 5 to 6)  

Pre-K Online Syllabus

Pre-K - 36 Week Lesson Plan Chart (pdf) (doc)

Kindergarten Online Syllabus 

Kindergarten - 36 Week Lesson Plan Chart (pdf) (doc)