Level 1A – Year 2 Outline and Sample Schedule

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Here you will find a curriculum outline and a sample schedule for Level 1A Year 2.  The print button at the bottom of this page will allow you to send it to your printer, a PDF file or e-mail address. You can also click directly on the outline and schedule to open a printable PDF file.



Lessons at this level should last around 20 – 25 minutes. Some may take slightly less time and some slightly more, but do aim for that range. Short lessons and a wide variety of subjects are a integral part of the  highly efficient and effective CM method. You will achieve the best results if you can follow the short lessons guideline.

As you look at the schedule you will notice that not every subject is represented on the schedule according to the outline as some may be combined. For example, you might learn to sing a hymn as part of your morning prayer routine thus fulfilling the daily music suggestion. Many families combine the history readings and certainly nature study can be done together as can picture study. If you are schooling multiple children close in age you may find it easier to combine some subjects. Or, as some families report, you may find it easier NOT to combine but instead stagger the schedules so that while one child is figuring his sums you are listening to another’s narrations. While one is working on his copywork you can be giving another his dictation, etc.

The schedule above is only an example of what your schedule might look like. You should feel free to adapt it to your family’s needs. You may have many interruptions and/or your child may need more frequent breaks. If the schedule seems too heavy in the morning break it up between morning and afternoon. Whatever works for you.

The following is an example of what the time frame of the Level 1A Year 2 schedule might look like:

  • 9:00-1st lesson
  • 9:252nd lesson
  • 9:50-3rd lesson
  • 10:15-break (15 -20 min.)
  • 10:30-4th lesson
  • 10:50-5th lesson
  • 11:10-6th lesson.
  • 11:30-7th lesson
  • The child is finished with formal work by 11:50 and has the afternoon to read, play outside, craft, draw, garden, etc.

Practical Work should also be included. Helping around the house and yard as well as learning a practical craft or skill such as simple sewing or knitting; clay modeling; making simple toys.

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