Mater Amabilis™ Level 4

Advanced Junior High /Secondary (approx. ages 13-14)  Grade 8 in the US.  Year 9 in the UK.

This course covers one school year. The curriculum is designed to fit into thirty-six weeks, with many subjects broken down into three blocks of twelve weeks (terms).

The approximate number of lessons required each week for each subject is shown in italics. Often the lessons can be covered in ten or eleven weeks, allowing a little leeway in the schedule. Each term an additional history book, a saint's biography, a "Catholic culture" book and a nature book are to be read outside formal lesson time.

At this level most lessons should last around 30 - 45 minutes. 

Before beginning you may want to read the General Introduction to Charlotte Mason's method, and the subject introductions for language artsgeography and nature study.


Online Syllabus

36 Week Lesson Plan Chart (pdf) (doc)