Map Location Key

Once Upon a Time Saints by Ethel Marbach Pochocki
St. Alice – Burgundy, FRANCE (the area around Dijon in eastern France); Lake Garda, ITALY; GERMANY
St. Ambrose – Milan, ITALY
St. Anne – ISRAEL
St. Barbara – Heliopolis, EGYPT (site near modern Cairo)
St. Barnaby of Compiagne – Compiagne, FRANCE
St. Benedict of San Fradello – Sicily, ITALY
St. Christopher – Canaan
St. Clement – Rome, ITALY; Crimea, UKRAINE (peninsula in Black Sea)
St. Comgall – Bangor, NORTHERN IRELAND
St. David of Wales – Ceredigion, WALES
St. Dorothy – Cappadocia, TURKEY (region in west central Turkey)
St. Edward the Confessor – London, ENGLAND
St. Elizabeth of Portugal – PORTUGAL
St. Felix – Rome, ITALY
St. Genevieve – Paris, FRANCE
St. Hubert – BELGIUM
More Once Upon a Time Saints by Ethel Marbach Pochocki
St. Hyacinth – Krakow, POLAND; Kiev, UKRAINE
St. Joan Delanoue – Anjou, FRANCE
St. Joseph of Arimathea – ISRAEL; Glastonbury, ENGLAND
St. Kentigern – Glasgow, SCOTLAND
St. Longinus – Jerusalem, ISRAEL
St. Martha – Bethany, ISRAEL
St. Melangell – Powys, WALES
St. Nicholas Postgate – Yorkshire, ENGLAND
St. Pharaildis – BELGIUM
St. Rigobert – Rheims / Gascony, FRANCE (Gascony is the area around Bordeaux in SW France)
St. Servulus – Rome, ITALY
The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus – Ephesus, TURKEY
St. Simeon – SYRIA
St. Swithin – Winchester, ENGLAND
St. Adauctus – Rome, ITALY
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